FREE Download: Strong 2.0 - This free download will show you how to build a strong, functional upper body so you can improve posture, move better and feel epic!

  • The 6 GREATEST exercises to build a stronger upper body plus video demos and technique tips.
  • How to fit these exercises into your training week so you get maximum results from your efforts without needing to change your routine too much.
  • The 3 most common mistakes people make when trying to get stronger and create some muscle definition.

About Abhi

My fitness journey started with weight loss to look better. I realised pretty soon how much disordered eating, body image and diet culture had affected my life and some of my loved ones so I made it my mission to help others break the same cycle.

I'm here to support YOU in YOUR journey to break up with dieting and toxic diet culture, find your own happiness and move your energy to focusing on the things in life that really matter to you.

Work With Me 1 To 1

My complete lifestyle overhaul programme is called Firebrand and is the best way to work with me 1 to 1.

There is no other all-inclusive programme out there and takes you from health and fitness to transforming ALL areas of your life.

You get me throwing everything I can at supporting you on your own unique life transformation journey.

Subscribe To The Podcast

Once a week I put out a podcast episode to help you break up with dieting and start to focus on the things that matter.

I bust myths, discuss mindset, go to town on diet culture and share my own experiences. As a serial dieter, someone who has dealt with an eating disorder, struggled (and still battles with) body image and who has also been a full time fitness pro it's weird being both sides of the equation.

Find Me On Instagram

Not everyone can afford 1 to 1 coaching. And it's not right for everyone anyway.

So I put out a ton of free content and tips and advice on Instagram to help you on your journey.

I support you with wellness, self care, myth busting (again) & answer pretty much any questions I get by DM.

(Plus my memes are pretty awesome!)

Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of Strong 2.0 and learn to build a strong, functional upper body that supports you in your life, today!

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